Friday, June 25, 2010

Co-ed Softball

Every year when Summer term comes around I look forward to playing co-ed intramural softball. It's a blast! We have our second game on Saturday. I'm so glad that my doctor is supportive of me playing sports this time around. I really, really missed it with Trey and feel more like myself this pregnancy :) I think it's also keeping my hormones in check thus making me happier. (Kyle appreciates that) Kyle and I just got done playing co-ed soccer and that was super fun too. My only issue with playing is that I pay for it the next day. My ligaments that hold up my uterus get really sore from all that bouncing when I run :) (That's sounds so funny, but that's what's sore so, there ya go) If anyone wants to come out and cheer for our team let us know, we'd love the extra noise. The season goes till the beginning of August.
P.S. Don't worry I will not be sliding head first on my belly like this guy!