Thursday, September 25, 2008

Zzzzzz Nap Time


Kyle just loves to take these embarrassing pictures so I tried to get him back, too bad he actually looks good :)

Rice Cereal

Trey does really well at eating his cereal. He's a pretty good swallower despite the lack of evidence in this picture. :) He watches me eat every day and acts like he's chewing as I'm eating. I think he'll love eating solid foods.

tHe BeAcH

Family Foot Prints, I used a photo program to add our names :)

Trey loved putting his toes in the sand

Daddy and Trey got soaked right after I took this picture. OOPS

We took turns taking pictures on the surfboard for Trey's room.

His nursery is a beach theme.

At the beach with Sarah and Lucy

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We Found A Job!

Yeah! Kyle found a job that works with his school schedule and pays for benefits. :) We are so happy and very grateful for friends, PJ and Sandra, who helped Kyle get this job. He is working at Prudential as an assistant. His main duties are pulling and delivering for sale signs and delivering flyers. Right now he is using his construction skills from his last job to build the company a trailor. He's quite handy. As you all know job hunting can be quite stressful. We are so grateful for this blessing!