Saturday, May 14, 2011

March through May 8, 2011

I haven't posted anything in so long. Life has been moving at a very fast pace lately. The end of March and about three weeks in April everyone in our family was sick at some point. Kyle had two different terrible viruses right before finals. One of them being MONO. He was sick for about 3 weeks straight. I was busy taking care of the house, the kids, my management job, and kyle's homework. Blogging was the last on the list :)
April 25th marked a momentous day in my life. I purchase with the help of the best mother-in-law in the world!!! my Blendtec. Hooray!! We love it so much and have used it every single day since we got it. Thank you Lynda!
Then we had Kyle's birthday at the end of April. Pictures below. We also celebrated my mom's 50th birthday the very beginning of May. We did the coolest gift for her called Life on Record. It was neat to hear all of her family and friends from her 50 years talk to her.
After Mom's birthday was Trey's 3rd Birthday. We went to the park and just let the kids play around. It was nice and easy. He had a great time. That night Kyle and I had a murder mystery dinner. We had never done one of these before and it was a blast. We had an awesome group of people to do it with. Soo fun.
I have been and am currently working hard at trying to fill the apartments that I manage for the upcoming year. It is a lot of work and keeps me super busy this time of year but I am grateful that I can earn some kind of income and still be a mommy, my most favorite job.

Kyle, Crystal, Josh, Leanne, Whitney, Tyler, Rachelle, and Scott

Bday pics for Trey

Trey asked for a red vacuum for his birthday. He looooves this thing and vacuums many times a day.

Leanne and Josh

Katie, Lucas and Chelsea

Krista and Daniel

Grandpa and Josh

Kallie, Danny, Wesley, Crystal, Kajsa, Leanne, Brittney

The first Sunday in May we went out to Midway to have a picnic. It was so nice to drive through the canyon and be out in nature with just our little family. It was quiet and peaceful and a very enjoyable sunday afternoon.

Kyle's Birthday. Thanks mom for helping out that night and watching our kids!!!

Trey and I decorated the house for Kyle's birthday and surprised him when he got home from school.

Daddy and Trey going on a scooter ride. :) Great look, huh?

Easter money and package from Grandma Lynda. The kiddos were excited