Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oil Change

Disclaimer: Please excuse the compression shorts :)

I went to my parents house on Monday to do my laundry. I told my mom that we needed to do an oil change on my car and she said, Oil changes are easy we can do it. I laughed and said are you serious? Kyle always changes our oil but I have never learned how. We went to the store bought the stuff and my mom got under our little Honda with me and taught me how to change my oil. IT was not hard at all. I was totally nervous to get under the car because those of you who know me well know that I have a total paranoia about things being on my face. I was so afraid oil or something else was going to spray all over my face. Well, guess what happened. When I took the bolt off of the oil tank I didn't move my hand fast enough and sprayed oil all over my face and my mothers. It was pretty funny. My mom and I had a good laugh. I of course wiped the oil off of my face immediately, my mom stayed under the car. She's tough like that. We did a completely successful oil change and my car drove home from my parents house perfectly. I feel very accomplished :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


July 30th Kyle and I will be running in a Sprint Triathlon. I have been training for it on and off but last week I started running everyday. I've discovered that I do not like to run. I love how I feel afterwards but running is awful! (at least right now) Maybe once I get into better shape I'll enjoy it more. I absolutely love to swim but I can't take two kids with me to swim laps like I can with running. Kyle on the other hand loves to run and hates to swim :) This is good for training because I push him to swim harder and he pushes me to run harder. We are both not very good cyclists so we both laugh anytime we have to ride our bikes up a hill because we are panting terribly. Kyle, poor thing, has to pull the kids in the trailer and ride his bike. We are really looking forward to doing our first Triathlon and hope that we will be in shape to be able to do it well. We would LOVE our family and friends to join us if they'd like :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stitches and Stuff

Our first "major" injury with one of our kids. Two weeks ago on our way out to church, Trey fell on the second to last stair and hit his eye right on the corner of the brick wall. We walked back up the stairs with our church stuff, cleaned him up and went to urgent care to get stitches. Daddy's white shirt and tie were red instead of white and yellow. Trey was pretty nervous about getting stitches. Because the cut was so close to his eye Kyle and I had to hold Trey down while the doctor gave him his numbing shot. Trey did not like that very much and it was pretty difficult to keep Trey down. We waited for 15 minutes while the numbing medicine kicked in and then back to the table for the stitches. The nurse came in to help us hold Trey down, the nurse happened to be a large male. I held Trey's head, Kyle held his arms and shoulders and the nurse held from waist down. It was so sad to see Trey screaming and bawling. He kept yelling, "stop pushing me", but Kyle and I knew it was for his own good. After stitches were all done I asked Trey if he wanted to go home or go to church. He said he wanted to go to Sacrament Meeting (ours is last) so off we went. He's such a sweet boy.

The next Sunday Trey was scheduled to get his stitches out. A little boy in nursery hit Trey with a toy right in his eye and of course he immediately panicked. He was fine just nervous about his eye. We took Trey back to urgent care to get his stitches out. The nurse had me hold Trey while he laid on my shoulder so she could take them out but he wouldn't hold still for her so back to the bed we went. We brought in the same male nurse again and held him down. Trey again started screaming, he was so scared. In the middle of crying hysterically Trey yells "Sharp Tooth!!" I instantly started laughing. Trey has been very into Land Before Time lately. I thought it was so funny that in the middle of this traumatic experience he was still thinking about Land Before Time and yelling Sharp Tooth. I asked him afterwards why he yelled that and he said, "Because the scissors were sharp like Sharp Tooth and they were trying to get me". Poor guy. Well, Trey healed great and now we just have to keep sunscreen on it so that his scar doesn't turn pink.

Kajsa is getting so big. She will be 8 month this next week. She has finally started eating baby food, thanks to her Aunt Kallie. I have tried giving it to her since she was 6 month old but she always spray-spits it back out at me. The only thing she would take 3 or 4 bites of was green beans. Kallie came over yesterday and fed Kajsa at the same time as Wesley and she ate it no problem. She has eaten for me 3 times since. YEAH!! She has been growing so much and wanting to nurse like every 2 hours. Solids will help her sleep better at night too, I hope. She is still not crawling on her knees but she can get anywhere she wants to by rolling, twisting, sitting up and turning and pulling herself along the floor. She loves to play with Trey's talking puzzles. Kajsa is such a good baby. She is excellent at sitting and playing with toys around her. She has become quite a mama's girl since about 6 month's old. As long as she can see me in the house she is content, I don't have to be holding her. That is, however, only true if someone else is not holding her. If someone else is holding her than she is constantly reaching for mommy. (This doesn't include daddy thank goodness).

Brother and sister after bath time fun!!

Trying to crawl on all fours.