Wednesday, December 12, 2012

July and August 2012

Enjoying summer fun outside

Dollar store crafts

Trey, Kajsa, Mateo, Tina and Mom and Dad making masks and cars from the $1 Store

Made this picnic table this summer out of free pallet wood. We stained it green to protect it for outside. Isn't it awesome!!

Birthday party for Grace and Rocco Delorey. The kids had soo much fun on this water slide

Trey got some aweseom air!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trey's 4th Birthday

This year for Trey's birthday we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi with Grandma Jan. We had a great time. We also had a small party with the neighbors and had cake and ice cream. Unfortunately, the pictures of that party didn't turn out. Trey is such a sweet boy. He has a kind heart and a bright mind. He loves babies and is very good at making them happy!! Trey has a strong spirit and loves to learn the gospel.  He remembers things so well. We love hearing him say his prayers. He is so thoughtful of others and their needs. Trey has a lot of energy and loves to play outside. He loved his first year of preschool at Miss Leanne's. We are so proud of Trey and the choices he is making.
We love you dude!!

March and April 2011

Trey had the brilliant idea that pull-ups on their heads were like chef's hats :)

Uncle Brad and Aunt Malia took Trey on a date to dinner, a movie and dessert. He's so spoiled!!

They took him to his favorite restaurant Rubios. He loves the churros

Aunt Mia and Trey

They saw THE LORAX.

Trey, Kajsa and neighbor Eli

Trey loooves Cosmo, BYU's mascot. He does some pretty cool tricks

We went to quite a few baseball games this year because Wes Gunther, one of Kyle's friends was the starting catcher for the team. Kyle knows several of the baseball players so it was fun to watch. WE also got in free :)

Wes Gunther throwing to 2nd base on a steal

Clay Starnes, a friend of Kyle's and mine from growing up works at one of the Provo fire stations. We got a personal tour. Trey loved it!!

Trey and Clay, dressed in his full gear. He was so great with the kids!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eczema Herpeticum

     Kajsa has eczema. It is the worst right in the creases of her elbows.  On February 22, 2012 Kajsa's left elbow started to get these small blister looking sores where her eczema was. I took her to the doctor right away and told him that we had seen her cousin that weekend and he had impetigo, (which is very contagious).  He looked at her and agreed that he thought it was impetigo and prescribed a topical cream. He told us to put it on any red spot that showed up pretty much.  We used the cream and quickly started seeing other spots so we lathered her up in this topical cream. 
   The spots started spreading everywhere, soon she was covered in these red horrible looking blister things. She kept scratching her arms so Kyle and I went and bought some gauze and self-adhesive tape and wrapped her up in it so that she couldn't spread it anymore. That night around 8pm I noticed that she was wincing every time she would drink her juice. It was stinging her mouth. I looked in her mouth and could see these white sores on her tongue. I immediately called the after hours doctor and asked if impetigo is found in the mouth.  She said no. Bring her in! 
    I took her over to the after hours care for our 8:40 appointment and we got in to see the doctor at 9:50. We were tired and miserable and people keep looking at Kajsa like she had leprosy or something. I don't blame them; she looked AWFUL! When we got to see the doctor she took one look at her and said she has eczema herpeticum. Ok...what is that. Basically, when an eczema wound is scratched and open and the herpes virus comes in contact with that open skin it causes this infection and spreads across the body like wild fire. She told me that the topical cream we had been putting on her had actually caused it to spread even worse :( So sad. She told me that we could admit her into the hospital and get her an I.V. to make sure that she isn't getting dehydrated since she got all of these sores in her mouth.  I said I would rather wait out the night and take her in to see the Pediatrician in the morning and go from there. She prescribed a viral antibiotic to kill the herpes and we went to Walgreens at almost midnight to pick it up. Of course, Walgreens system was having problems so Kajsa and I drove over to Rite-Aid to get her prescription. 
   I took her into the doctor the next morning and he took another look at her and immediately agreed with the after hours doctor.  He told me because it had spread so much and gotten so bad that he was going to call the infectious disease doctor at Primary Children's hospital to see if we needed to take her to the hospital to give her the medicine in a strong dose through an I.V. I was pretty worried at his point. He had every nurse in the office come in and look at her because they had never seen this particular disease before on a child and so bad.  The Primary Children's doctor said that the oral would be ok for now and just watch her very carefully. They said it would take 2 weeks to start to go away and that we had to stay in the house because it was contagious.
    We took Kajsa home and Kyle gave her a blessing. About 6pm that night I remembered that our Bishop is a chiropractor and also uses the NAET method for healthing allergies and certain diseases. He treated my kids for their milk allergies and they are completely gone. That's another story :)  I called him and asked if he treated herpes.  He said yes and that we could come over immediately. He treated her that night and no joke in the morning she looked completely different.  Unfortunately, I only took a picture on my phone when she was at her worst so it's really pixely but she didn't even look like herself. The one right below it is the next afternoon. Seriously, a miracle. The next day she looked so much better.  It was a huge answer to prayers. Trey ended up catching it the next day but we took him immediately to Dr. Hershey and he never got bad.  During all of this my amazing Great Grandma Ruth Dahle passed away at the age of 97. I went to her funeral without the kids and Kyle and then had to rush home to Kajsa and Trey. It was not a fun week. 

Winter 2012

 This picture was taken in January. Kajsa started showing some interest in sitting on the potty. It is now a few days before September so it has been several months and she still loves to go potty on the toilet here and there. She does great for a day or two and then would rather play than sit on the potty but she is learning and we're not pushing anything right now. Just letting her experiment. I think she'll be ready in the next 6 month's or so. We'll see.

 This was February 12, 2012. We had a really mild winter this year and didn't get to make very many snowman. We had to actually shovel snow to one spot to get enough snow to make our snowman/woman. We made it with our wonderful neighbors the Zirkle's, Zach, Nikki, and Baby Kate.  Our kids love Kate and want to play with her every day.


 We did Valentine's Day with the Zirkle's this year. We made a delicious healthy pizza and these fun strawberry daiquiri and Pina Colada's. We froze heart ice cubes and trimmed the glasses with red sprinkles.  Since having kids makes it a lot harder to go out it was a lot of fun to get together and celebrate at home with the neighbors.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 we spent in Utah this year. All of my siblings got together the week before Christmas before they left to the in-laws.  We always have a delicious gourmet dinner thanks to Malia as part of our Christmas Eve Celebration. We also do a devotional giving by one of the couples in the family.  Then we open presents.  It was so fun just to be able to spend quality time with everyone!! We also went roller skating as a family this year. It was a blast!! Kyle and I were trying to skate through each other's legs.  I was to short and he was too inflexible to fit through my legs :) but I made it through his a few times.
They let us push our kids around in their strollers while we skated. So nice!

Kristen was 8 months pregnant! What a trooper for skating!!

Grandkids holding their favorite presents from Grandma and Grandpa

We also went bowling with Ben, Kristen, Reese, Grandma, and our family.

Christmas morning. Santa left Kajsa a kitchen and Trey a remote control race car that has batteries that won't die :) This was trey's request. He was very particular about the batteries not dying!!

Our little candy cane. Taken with a phone so it's blurry

Grandma gave all of the kids new jammies.

Kajsa and Wesley got these toys they can pull around. Perfect for their ages!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

November 2011

We went to St. George this year for Thanksgiving and we had a blast.  Steve and Lynda travelled up to Uncle Bill and Aunt Kenna's house to be with us too. Kyle's family has a tradition of making Gingerbread houses over the Thanksgiving break.  It's so much fun and everyone is so creative!!

Kajsa's just happy to eat the candy we used to decorate the houses

Trey decorating his own house. He did a great job!!

Mason is on a club soccer team and had some games over the break so we went and cheered her on. It was fun to watch her play and it made us excited for the day when we can cheer on our own kids while they play sports