Monday, April 20, 2009

Jeaner turns 18!

Kallie Jean turns 18 today! I can't believe it! It's been so fun to live so close to my family and be able to share in some of Kallie's high school experiences. Kallie is a very talented woman. She is a super volleyball player, the only girl on her poll vaulting team (go girl!), great with kids, and makes friends easily, just to name a few. We filmed this on my phone just after my mission 3 years ago and I love it. I still watch it all the time. The deep male voice in the background is my brother BEN :)

Happy Birthday Kallie. We love you!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

He's Walking

Our little bundle of energy took his first step on February 27th and has slowly gotten the courage to walk. We spent about two weeks at Uncle Brad's house helping him after his surgery. They have a dog named Lady whom Trey loves to follow. I think chasing Lady gave Trey the motivation to walk. Now he's starting to walk everywhere and getting pretty good at it. He is 11 months old (yesterday). I'm nervous about keeping up with this little guy now. He is sooo curious and such a busy body!