Friday, January 27, 2012

October 2011

Pictures of Kyle's, Kajsa's and my costumes will be posted shortly. Trey was a BYU football player when we went Trick or Treating instead of a Kung Fu Master. For Halloween this year we went trick or treating in a neighorhood up on the benches of Provo. It is a little gated culdasac. One of our friends lives with his wifes parents there so they invited us to go.  It was so awesome. They give out King size candy bars. We did two streets and got loaded with awesome candy.  Too bad we are not big candy eaters. Most of it will probably go to waste. We will for sure eat all of the reese's peanut butter cups though.  One house gave candy for the kids and then passed out hot chocolate for all of the parents.  It was a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to Uncle Brad's and Aunt Malia's and ate In n' Out with them. It was a great Halloween. 
For Halloween Trey wanted to be a Kung Fu Master at Preschool.  Thank you Kung Fu Panda.  I made sure to remind him that he WAS NOT allowed to "kung fu" any of his preschool friends!

We had a great time playing in the leaves this year.  Kyle and I never really got to do this growing up in Orange County so we had lots of fun too :)

Trey went to Cornbelly's on a preschool field trip. It was soo much fun. Wish we could have stayed longer and brought Kyle with us. Hope we can go next year.

A little hay maze for the kids. Trey and his sunglasses always make me smile.

Miss Leanne, Chelsea and Me. It was so warm for the middle of October.

We went on a hay ride.

Kids played in an old fire truck

The whole group. We only had 4 moms and two of us had little babies as well. It was hard to keep track of everyone. We only lost one boy for a few minutes and chased others several, several times. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

September 2011

September was the start of a new chapter in our lives.  Kyle started his last year at BYU and Trey started Preschool.  Trey goes to preschool twice a week in Lehi. We live in Provo. This has worked out wonderfully for our family but has somehow made my life much busier than I thought.  I am still singing in my barbershop quartet group and we practice twice a week as well. We were preparing for Christmas so we had a lot of songs to learn. We enjoyed the warm weather and were excited for the start of a new round of intramural sports and BYU football and women's volleyball.  
Trey's first day of preschool. He was acting too shy to really smile unfortunately.

Playing with McKayla during recess

Played a fun hula hoop game on the first day of Preschool

I got a good laugh from this. Kajsa got the chair out herself and put it in front of the TV. Before this she had never shown much interest in the TV, but she was intently watching this program in her cute little chair.

They were so happy that morning :)

Kajsa tried spaghetti for the first time and loved it

I was getting ready before preschool one morning and came out to find Trey eating his breakfast with his sunglasses on. He loves those things. 

Kajsa tried her first oreo....

As you can see she loooooved it!

Enjoying the warm weather while we can