Friday, September 25, 2009

Trey Got Tagged

Trey in his new favorite chair from Aunt Malia

Trey and Dad playing in the sand

Uncle Ben making Trey into Peach Jam :)

I turned around and trey had put his plate of BBQ sauce on his head. I think I mop and vacuum almost every day. :)
Trey got tagged!! Here's what he would say if he could. He's definitely got some personality!
1) What is your favorite food? My favorite food is anything carbs and applesauce. I love crackers, toast, and pasta. Oh, and if my mom let's me I love eating daddy's homemade chocolate chip cookies.
2) What are some of your favorite things to do? I love to be outside. During the summer I loved to go swimming and to play at Seven Peaks with Grace and Stefanie. I also love to go feed the ducks and garden with my Grandpa Brad and Grandma Jan in their backyard. (They let me squish the cherry tomatoes between my fingers.)
3) What is one of your pet peeves? I don't like it when mommy and daddy try to feed me. I want to feed myself now. I make a really big mess and don't always get a lot in my mouth but how will I ever learn if they don't let me try!
4) What is your favorite book? That's a hard one. I love to read books. My two favorite books right now are my ABC flip book and The Big Hungry Bear and the Red Ripe Strawberry. I love to say "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM" and "SNIFF, SNIFF, SNIFF, find the strawbery".
5) What do you want to be when you are older? I want to be an athlete when I get older. I love to play with balls. I love to swing a bat, and kick the soccer ball. I also love it when daddy holds me up to the volleyball net and I get to spike the ball on mommy!
6) What nice things do you do for mommy and daddy? I help them clean up my toys and put them in their baskets. I also like to put away their shoes. I give mommy big kisses and yell daddy's name when he comes home from work and give him a great big hug.
7) What naughty things do you do around your house? I like to crush up my cereal into tiny pieces and spread it all over the carpet and couch. I also like to dump my water on the floor. Sometimes when mom's not looking I stand on top of the piano keys and play it with my feet. I think that's soo funny. :)
8) What words do you like saying? I love to say mama, dadda, ball, boom, duck, dog, baby, grandpa, up! down, outside, and no no no no, and lots more too. I am learning to talk right now, I even learned the word volleyball the other day. I'm pretty good at saying it if I say so myself. I still sign a lot of words too.
9) What do you and your daddy do together? Daddy and I like to do piggy back rides, play outside, tickle each other, play baseball, and sneak junk food while mommy isn't looking.
10) What do you and your mommy do together? Mommy and I do almost everything together. She takes care of me during the day. We like to go on walks, go to the library for story time, see the ducks, dance around the house, and have play dates with friends. Mommy also drags me to go shopping. I like to go to Macey's because I get to sit in the car shopping cart and drive while mommy pushes. :)
Thanks for tagging me Grace! It was fun to answer these questions. I tag Lucy Sherman, Emree Andre, and Annie Richards.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Indoor Soccer

Lesson Learned: Try something new or something you're afraid to do and who knows maybe you'll end up LOVING it!

Last winter Kyle and I played on a BYU Coed Intramural soccer team. I was really nervous playing because I haven't played soccer since I was 10. One of the girls on the team asked if I would be interested in playing on a Women's indoor soccer team. I gave her my email but wasn't serious about playing AT ALL. I didn't want the other girls on the team to be like, "aw man, why is she playing with us". Those of you with competitive spirits out there know exactly what I'm talking about. :) My friend Leanne had mentioned to me that she's been wanting to find a team to play with for a while now. I called her and told her about this girl and she immediately signed up. With A LOT of convincing Leanne was able to get me to sign up to play also.

I was sooo nervous the first game. I felt like I was going to throw up! (that was most likely a combination of nerves and being out of shape :) We played in Division 2 of the 4 possible so it was pretty competitive. The seasons are about 9 weeks long. Indoor is so fast paced, you never stop running. It has been exactly what I've needed to help my body get back in some sort of shape. It has also been very emotionally fullfilling as I have been able to do something for myself after taking a break from competitive sports after having Trey. I started playing in April and played two seasons which just ended on Friday. I will definitely miss playing but look forward to another possible summer of indoor soccer.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He Says MOM finally!!

Trey has finally learned to say Mama. I am soo happy. It's the cutest thing to see him sign and say Mama and point at me. I've waited so long. He's been saying Dad for like 6 months. This morning he climbed onto the couch next to where I was sitting and leaned into me saying "Mama" to try and get my attention. Then when I looked at him he said a simple, "Hi" with a great big smile. It was sooo cute.