Monday, January 31, 2011

Are ya kiddin' me.....?

Are ya kiddin' me? Could these pictures be any cuter? We took these Friday night for Kajsa's three month pictures since I didn't ever get any professional newborn ones. We took them at 7:30 at night :( so both of our kids were tired, but I got a really good deal. I can't wait to put these up in our house.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potty Training!

Trey started his potty training Christmas morning. Santa Claus took his diapers away and gave them to another baby who needed them :) and then gave him big boy underwear. Trey has done awesome. He has only had about 5 or 6 accidents since Christmas day. We are so proud of him, but he has really done it on his own. At the beginning we gave Trey 2 m&m's every time he went potty. Now he doesn't get a reward (except the satisfaction of not peeing his pants) :) I think that he has done so well because he has had a hard time adjusting to Kajsa and getting less attention than he used to. Potty training is his thing, where he gets attention all to himself, positive praise and a feeling of accomplishment. This is a milestone in his little life. Congratulations Trey Stephen! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Events of December 2010

December was a busy but fun month. We had finals, and farewell's, holidays and baby blessings. It was great to see family and friends. We are so grateful for both of our families and their love and support!! We got a new camera for Christmas from Steve and Lynda. It is awesome, so I have tried to be better at taking pictures.

Kajsa is 3 months old now. She was 10lbs 1oz and 23 1/2 inches long at her 2 month visit. She is smiling and giggling. She is quite the talker, she will coo at you forever. She is such a happy baby by nature. She is a fabulous sleeper compared to Trey and sleeps about 6 hours at night, sometimes more. She is just starting to discover her hands and grab things held up on front of her. Poor thing has her first cold and it is so sad but she still smiles through it all. She is such a blessing in our home.

I love how babies sleep with their arms above their head.

Wesley Reese Jackson and his adorable smile, dimples and all.

These odd pictures are of Bradley and Kyle. Our family played the game Quelf. It is crazy. Unfortunately the camera came out a little late so these are the only pics we got.

My Grandpa Norma and Grandma Karma are serving a mission in South Africa right now. They left just before Christmas. This is their farewell party. We got to take 5 generation pictures with my Great Grandma Ruth Dahle. She is a beautiful and bright woman. I love to listen to her tell stories about her past. She has the most amazing memory. I hope I can be like that.

So... my mom has this Mr. Potato head set that Trey loves to play with. This time we tried the pieces out on ourselves. Then I thought, these pieces are seriously small enough to fit on our newborn's so we took a few fun pictures. We got a really good laugh at our poor children's expense.

Kajsa and Daddy hanging out watching football . I love how she has her little arm draped around his.

Miss Reese is such a doll. She learned how to walk over the break and took off around my mom's house. She was so sweet around Kajsa, she loved to just stare at her and then every once in a while she would touch her softly. We love Reesey.

Christmas Eve we had a gourmet meal inspired by our very own talented Chef Malia Call. She made us stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer, and for dinner we had steaks and salmon, salad, roasted vegetable, some bread and yummy slush to drink. For dessert she made Chocolate Lava Cakes with cream, vanilla ice cream and raspberries. It was soooo good!! We are lucky to have a Chef in the family. Kyle and I did the table setting, when Kyle worked at the Marriott he learned how to fold napkins really cool :)

My mom made the whole family matching pajamas again :) They are very comfy. Here's the group on Christmas Eve minus Miss Reese she was already in bed. The second picture is so funny. My Dad and Danny really wanted to take a silly picture I guess, so we did it on the next one. (I love the faces they are pulling)

Trey couldn't ask for a better Aunt and Uncle than Brad and Malia. This Christmas they gave him the best present ever and did the Twelve Days of Christmas for him. They called themselves his Secret Friend and left him a present on the door step every night. He was sooo excited every time there was a knock on our door. He would yell, "My Secret Friend!"and take off. The last night was a fun scavenger hunt that Malia made up where he found little picture puzzle clues that he put together to find out who his secret friend was. Even though he knows now that Brad and Malia are his "secret friends" when he talks about his present he got from them he says that it's from his secret friend not Brad and Malia. It's cute :)

Here are some fun snow pictures of the family. Trey loves to be outside. He is like immune to the cold. It was seriously in the teens and he was as happy as he could be out there. Brad and Daddy were sports for staying out so long. Reese and Grandma Jan also came out to play for a little bit.

Trey fell asleep on the floor next to one of his best friends, Penny (this was Brad and Malia's adopted dog). They had to give her back after Christmas. Trey doesn't really get it yet but I'm sure will be very sad the next time he goes over to their house to play and there is no Penny.

Trey and Grandpa Brad did a little bit of Sumo Wrestling, inspired by Uncle Ben. It was pretty funny. Here are the shots I got. The last one where Trey is one his back was hilarious. He couldn't get himself up.