Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trey's 4th Birthday

This year for Trey's birthday we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi with Grandma Jan. We had a great time. We also had a small party with the neighbors and had cake and ice cream. Unfortunately, the pictures of that party didn't turn out. Trey is such a sweet boy. He has a kind heart and a bright mind. He loves babies and is very good at making them happy!! Trey has a strong spirit and loves to learn the gospel.  He remembers things so well. We love hearing him say his prayers. He is so thoughtful of others and their needs. Trey has a lot of energy and loves to play outside. He loved his first year of preschool at Miss Leanne's. We are so proud of Trey and the choices he is making.
We love you dude!!

March and April 2011

Trey had the brilliant idea that pull-ups on their heads were like chef's hats :)

Uncle Brad and Aunt Malia took Trey on a date to dinner, a movie and dessert. He's so spoiled!!

They took him to his favorite restaurant Rubios. He loves the churros

Aunt Mia and Trey

They saw THE LORAX.

Trey, Kajsa and neighbor Eli

Trey loooves Cosmo, BYU's mascot. He does some pretty cool tricks

We went to quite a few baseball games this year because Wes Gunther, one of Kyle's friends was the starting catcher for the team. Kyle knows several of the baseball players so it was fun to watch. WE also got in free :)

Wes Gunther throwing to 2nd base on a steal

Clay Starnes, a friend of Kyle's and mine from growing up works at one of the Provo fire stations. We got a personal tour. Trey loved it!!

Trey and Clay, dressed in his full gear. He was so great with the kids!