Monday, July 11, 2011

St. George and other stuff

 Kyle has been preparing to take the GRE for awhile now.  As part of his preparation he has been taking a class at BYU every Tuesday and Thursday night from 5pm-9pm.  Trey and I get bored at night sometimes so we decided to make these silly animal hats.  He loved making them and it was just construction paper, markers, and tape :)  If you can't tell we are a Giraffe, Cow and Elephant.
 Lucy and Stetson wrestling with Trey in St. George over the 4th holiday.  These are his cousins on Kyle's side.  He had sooo much fun playing with all of his cousins that weekend.
 Kajsa is 9 months old now and getting soo big.  She is almost 28 inches long. 17lb 1oz and 44.6 cm in Head Cirmcumference.  For height and head she is right in the 50th percentile but for weight she is 15th.  See Uncle Brad, She's not as fat as you think :)  :)

     The Sherman clan hanging out over the 4th.
 We've had some really awesome thunderstorms this week.  Here are some rainbows from them.  The colors were seriously soo vibrant!