Thursday, November 17, 2011

August 2011

We went to California for our summer vacation to visit Kyle's family.  We had a fun time at the beach with the kids.

 Kajsa loves putting her feet in the water.

 Trey loved to pick up the sand and throw it into the waves.
 They laid on the warm sand for a half hour. It was very cute.
 Trey really wanted to go surfing with dad, but this was the closest we got.

 For the second half of the trip we went to Big Bear to celebrate Steve's (Kyle's dad) Birthday. The whole family came up even Uncle Greg from Washington. We went to the zoo to see the buffalo's, and many other animals. We also took family picture's while we were there (see later post).

 Out on a walk by the lake.
 Grandma and Kajsa.

 Trey and Lucy hanging out with Uncle Greg. He was a real sport, he even let them put him in jail.
 Present time for Grandpa. He got a keepsake CD from family and friends.

July 2011

 In July, Kyle took the GRE in Logan, Utah at the Utah State campus.  It was fun to go up there just for the night and day. We stayed at the university hotel there. I took Kajsa with us but left Trey with my parents.  While Kyle took the GRE, Kajsa and I slept till 9:15!! Missed the hotel breakfast so we ate at McDonalds. Then we drove around town and walked around the temple. It was a beautiful temple and a very pretty city.  Kyle and I are holding our hands up in a "Y" shape underneath the Aggie's "A" :)

We also had a camp out in my parents back yard. We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores and then Trey, Kyle and I slept outside in the tent.  Kajsa slept in the house with my parents. We slept without the cover over the tent so we could see the stars.  It was beautiful!! My parents live away from city lights so we had a pretty good view. Trey decided that he didn't like s'mores because they are sticky and he does not like any food on his hands at all.  It was fun and we made a good memory with Trey.