Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday Fun!

Thanksgiving in St. George

Trey and Linda at Thanksgiving

Trey went to the movies for the first time during thanksgiving at a tiny little theatre in St. George. He was such a good boy. He loved the big screen and didn't make a peep. He fell asleep half way through.

Trey went to the park for the first time. He hated the swing. :)

Trey and Cousin Morgan. He loved the slide.

Getting ready to brave the cold and play outside
Christmas '08 with the Calls

My Mom made everyone BYU pajamas for Christmas Eve, even Trey. They were fun. GO Cougars!

Trey was Santa's little helper Christmas morning. He woke us all up by 7am :)

He's so Cute

Kyle and I built our first snowman ever. It was very fun

Trey also enjoyed playing in the snow but it was a little bright for his blue eyes as you can tell.

He also liked eating the snow

The finished product!

After all the Fun he was POOPED!