Thursday, August 30, 2012

Winter 2012

 This picture was taken in January. Kajsa started showing some interest in sitting on the potty. It is now a few days before September so it has been several months and she still loves to go potty on the toilet here and there. She does great for a day or two and then would rather play than sit on the potty but she is learning and we're not pushing anything right now. Just letting her experiment. I think she'll be ready in the next 6 month's or so. We'll see.

 This was February 12, 2012. We had a really mild winter this year and didn't get to make very many snowman. We had to actually shovel snow to one spot to get enough snow to make our snowman/woman. We made it with our wonderful neighbors the Zirkle's, Zach, Nikki, and Baby Kate.  Our kids love Kate and want to play with her every day.


 We did Valentine's Day with the Zirkle's this year. We made a delicious healthy pizza and these fun strawberry daiquiri and Pina Colada's. We froze heart ice cubes and trimmed the glasses with red sprinkles.  Since having kids makes it a lot harder to go out it was a lot of fun to get together and celebrate at home with the neighbors.

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